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About digiArt

Empowering and supporting artists

The digiArt Initiative look at the art-tech needs of artists, educators and the arts community in developing new business models for creating, teaching, exhibiting, protecting and selling art during COVID-19 and beyond.


The Ontario Association of Art Galleries notes that the Federal government has not adequately implemented relief measures during COVID-19 for the visual arts sectors and that this must be addressed urgently or we risk losing or severely impacting Canadian artists which we hope this initiative can do.


The purpose of the digiArt initiative is to map out the perceived demands and gaps and digital needs of all artists including those in divers communities nationally by identifying, researching and assessing new innovative art-tech. The aim is to provide digital knowledge, education, skills, strategic digital thinking and capacity in order to respond to challenges created as a result of COVID-19 and beyond. Subsequent phases will ensure that artists keep pace with digital evolution.


We will accomplish this through online discussions, webinars community consultations, training, educations and research to implement new digital business models for artists to build their digital knowledge and capacity for the future. We hope this will help artists sustain a livelihood and help them be competitive locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Interviews & Community Consultations

    Participate in the interview to discuss the impact of COVID-19 and how innovative tools can help artists.

  • Webinars & Art-Tech Lab

    Participate in educational webinars on art-tech tools such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and others.

  • Final Report

    digiArt will be publishing the results of the interview and webinars in a final report.

Finding Solutions

Artists needs to keep up with the changing business models domestically and internationally that come as a result of these digital shifts.


Some of the biggest challenges for artists during this time are the loss of studio space, exhibitions, art fairs, collaborations with other artists, protecting copyright, basic income, rights managements and agreements and access and education to new innovative digital tools and art-tech.


As galleries and museums are deploying new technologies and tools to engage the viewers, artists need to learn these new tools in an expedient way to be prepared to take advantage of new opportunities.

New Business Models

The new business models for artists require identifying various new and innovative digital tools and platforms to help artists deal with the pandemic and the current digital age and build digital knowledge and capacity.

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Partners & Supporters

Thank you to the digiArt partners including: the Canadian Film Centre, Feminist Art Collective, Mural Routes, Neighbourhood Arts Network, Nuite Rose Festival of Queer Art and Performance, Onsite at OCAD University, Trinity Square Video, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and the Vancouver Biennale. Thank you also the Canada Council for funding this initiative.

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