Basic Income

The pandemic has impacted artists in a way that is causing them to turn to digital business models to sustain their livelihoods. A basic income guarantees that artists will have a sufficient income to meet basic needs regardless of work status.



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Sample Basic Income Letter to MP

Ontario Basic Income Network

Basic Income Press Release by Craig Berggold

Basic Income Canada Network


    CARFAC has called for the federal government to transform CERB to ongoing guaranteed basic income to help with economic recovery. Read about it here:

  • Ontario Basic Income Network

    Ontario Basic Income Network (OBIN) is a coalition committed to seeing Basic Income implemented in Ontario. It's core values are: ​Adequacy: It’s enough money to have one’s basic needs met Autonomy: It offers people more life choices Dignity: There is no stigma attached to accessing it Non-conditionality: It is provided with no (or very few) strings attached Universality of Access: Anyone who needs it, gets it

  • Basic Income Canada Network

    Basic Income Canada Network "promotes informed, constructive public dialogue leading to a basic income guarantee in Canada. We believe principles including universality, non-conditionality, security, autonomy, dignity, and economic and gender equality should guide basic income dialogue and design."

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Partners & Supporters

Thank you to the digiArt partners including: the Canadian Film Centre, Feminist Art Collective, Mural Routes, Neighbourhood Arts Network, Nuite Rose Festival of Queer Art and Performance, Onsite at OCAD University, Trinity Square Video, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and the Vancouver Biennale. Thank you also the Canada Council for funding this initiative. If you would like to become a partner or supporter, please email us at [email protected].

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